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    Theo10 REPELS (130ml)..


    REPELS is an effective ‘wind-proof’ insect repellent specially created for outdoor use. A unique blend of essential and cold pressed oils coats the skin to protect against mosquitoes and ants.

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    Theo10 Special

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    A special combination where you get to enjoy all 5 products today:

    Theo10® Skin – Mouth Ulcers, Insect bites, Minor Cuts & Burns, Rashes & Allergies
    Theo10® Heat – Headache, Tired Shoulders, Muscular aches, Joint pains & Arthritis
    Theo10® Eczema – Eczema
    Theo10® Repels – Repels Mosquitoes & Ants, Moisturize skin
    Theo10® Moisturize – Super Hydrates & moisturize skin

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    Ultimate Deal

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    Theo10® SKIN is an all-natural non-steroidal first-aid cream that helps with insect bites, minor cuts and burns, ulcers and skin infections. A moisturizing first-aid cream that soothes open wounds, safe for babies and sensitive skin, created using a range of all-natural organic ingredients including peppermint, neem oil and beeswax.

    Theo10® HEAT is a long-lasting muscle rub that effectively deals with tired shoulders, muscle aches and acute joint pains with its pain-relieving effect lasting up to 12 hours*. Created using only 100% natural organic ingredients including camphor, capsicum and beeswax. Works where it hurts.

    Theo10® ECZEMA contains high menthol content that stops the sudden intense itch very effectively to ensure the user stops scratching immediately. Neem oil comes to contact with the skin and helps improve the skin condition with its anti-bacterial properties. Beeswax ensures that the oils are in constant contact with the skin. It also lends its water-resistant property to stop the bleeding from excessive scratching and ensures a prolonged duration of protection. With the added propolis, it would speed up the healing by up to 30% faster than Theo10 SKIN. It moisturizes the skin as our beeswax lend its water-resistant properties to ensure skin is always moisturized.

    Theo10® REPELS is a revolutionary ‘wind-proof’ insect repellent that is effective against mosquito and ants which is created using only all-natural organic ingredients for outdoor use. It coats your skin with a very fine layer of essential oils that effectively protects your skin against mosquitoes and ants for up to 4 hours.