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Theo10® is an exceptional range of skincare products created from 100% natural ingredients sourced from around the world. Specially developed with your needs in mind. It contains beeswax (harvested from Italian bees) as the base for the creams, American peppermint essential oil (air-flown in to preserve its efficacy) and Indian neem oil (Cold pressed to ensure highest yield of beneficial components).

*Theo10® is rebranding ourselves and we will be rolling out our new packaging in phases. Do look forward to our latest improvements.

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their skin cream is our to go cream for the kids and i  itches, rashes, insect bites, nasal congestion. wish it came in a canister though ! as the tube has some rips after rolling it up to squeeze out. Product itself is great 🌟

– Mitsuna Matsui, Singapore

“Ich habe Theo 10 Natural das erste Mal vergangenen Winter benutzt. Mein Bruder hat mich darauf aufmerksam gemacht, weil er wusste wie schnell und oft ich mich im Winter erkälte und unter trockener Haut leide. Ich habe Theo 10 Natural Skin regelmäßig unter meiner Nase aufgetragen. Das hat mir wirklich sehr geholfen. Ich konnte wieder einwandfrei durchatmen und gleichzeitig haben die Kräuter der Creme meine ausgetrocknete Haut geschützt. Ich finde es wirklich klasse und nutze es seither auch zur Lippen pflege. Immer in der Handtasche dabei 😉 Ich kann es nur weiterempfehlen, daher Ladies: Ran an das Produkt!”

Sarah Kampwerth, Germany

Desde hace varios años he venido utilizando bálsamos para el tratamiento de contusiones y dolores musculares. En las últimas semanas tuve la oportunidad de conocer THEO10 gracias al consejo de un amigo. Desde el momento en que lo utilicé sentí una grata sensación de bienestar y alivio. En las horas siguientes, noté que se iban reduciendo las molestias con gran rapidez. Recomiendo a todas aquellas personas que realicen prácticas deportivas o sufran dolores musculares el uso de este producto. Además, ahora que ha comenzado el invierno también lo he utilizado para descongestionar las fosas nasales. Su efecto es inmediato. ESTOY CONVENCIDO DE QUE SI LO PRUEBAN, REPETIRÁN!

Ignacio Martínez, Spain

I had never tried anything from Theo10 before so I didn’t know what to expect from them. I ordered a couple balms because I’m from a very cold region and in the Autumn – Winter months my skin will dry and become irritated and sore. Immediately Theo10 provided relief from the pain, provided amazing moisture and by the end of the day my irritated had calmed and didn’t even require a second application. Anyone who has used more commercially available products for my and other ailments knows how often you need to reapply and how greasy they can be. Theo10 is so potent and concentrated, just the tiniest rubbed onto my skin lasted for hours. A great little product, I love it.

Finin O’Callaghan, Ireland

I used theo10 about over a month ago and it relieved the itching from my hand. This itching was eczema and it caused a lot of irritation on my hand. At first I never thought that a balm can take away the itching so soon but theo10 definitely helped me a lot. It’s not like other balms which you have to apply after every few hours and no balm with the same price tag can help so fast! I was amazed….

Ibrahim Kutlu, Turkey

I was initially skeptical about how useful and effective the balm would be as I am more accustomed to using other products to treat my sore and aching muscles from a high intensity fitness workout. So imagine my surprise when my soreness gradually disappeared! And it was completely gone by the end of day. It worked with just a single application. I applied a generous amount but I regretted it as it was too “heaty” for me since the natural balm is very concentrated. I love how awesome I felt after that nonetheless!

Eve Chow, Professional Athlete, Singapore

As to the many that would be reading this, it is with great satisfaction that I say that great utility was derived from this Theo10 product. It works really good and has a peppermint component to it that is unique. I was noticing some skin irritation due to insect bites so I applied the Theo10 skin balm. This product, since then, has proved my perception wrong about natural herbs and its uses. Thanks Theo10 for this amazing product. Would be expecting greater things, keep the utilitarianism up.

Ayomide Ijanusi, Nigeria

I have been suffering from eczema for more than 13 years. I have eczema on both legs and arms, and some parts of my body. About 5 months ago I was recommended to use Theo10 Natural Balm which claimed to stop itch and moisturise skin. I tried Theo10 Natural Balm on both my arms to stop the itch. To my surprise, it worked wonders and immediately relief the itch on my arms, thus stopping me from scratching the skin. The balm also moisturised the skin well. Now, I am happy to see the damaged skin on my arms healing well. Thanks to Theo10 Natural Balm.

Loh Ming Two, Singapore

I was a having serious cold in school and it was really affecting me. I didn’t know what to do but fortunately I came across Theo10 and I used it immediately and slept it off. I woke up the next morning only to find out that my cold had gone. I really never believed in natural herbs but since I started using Theo10 I believed in natural herbs. Theo10 is a very good product, it works effectively and makes us to believe in natural herbs. People should really get more of Theo10 products as it really works.

Opeoluwa Ajimoti, Nigeria

Another score! LOVE LOVE the HEAT Theo10 Balm! I am kicking myself for not trying it months ago! Great for neck sprain, and also great for my lower back, and ankle after soccer…

Edward Lim, Technopreneur, Singapore

I’m always on the go, travelling across time-zones and climate-zones. I just experienced my first winter in England and Theo10 skin saved my hands! When my usually dry hands suddenly flared into a rash because of the severe change in weather and water, I was told by a friend to try Theo10. Its purity and natural philosophy made me keen to give it a go. To my amazement, just after 6 days, the rash completely resided! But best of all, it nourished my hand making it look and feel much more hydrated. I can tell it worked because my other hand, which I didn’t use Theo10, was still dry and red. My friend is witness to this and now she’s also made an order.

Sherly Li, Dietitian, Australia

I moved to Canada from the Caribbean 3 years ago and winters do a number on my skin. Even with humidifiers, the dryness of the air from the forced heat in my condo results in an eczema outbreak on my arms, leg, neck and chest every single year. I would usually use a topical steroid to stop the itching and reduce the appearance of the scaly, bumpy patches until I tried Theo 10. I applied it to the affected areas and it stopped the itchiness and redness shortly after application without that greasy feel. Over the course of a week, the scaling and bumps were gone. Theo 10 is certainly the NATURAL alternative to steroids cremes.

Shu Faie Lui, Jamaica

I recently fell and hit my face pretty badly, and decided to try some Theo10 Heat on the bruises sustained. It was my first time doing so, and I didn’t really think it’d work, but was really pleasantly surprised when my bruises cleared up really fast, in just a few days! Only thing was I couldn’t use it too close to my eyes as the peppermint scent made them water, and as a result the bruising around my eyes healed a lot slower than the parts i used Theo10 on. Definitely will use it in the future, and recommend it to friends too as worth a try! 🙂

Riane Francisco, Singapore

I am a Nigerian. Theo10 Skin was introduced to me last year, and during this period, I had an issue on my feet. But since then, that I started using Theo10 Skin, it has cured the issue beyond my expectations, also Theo10 Heat works real good in terms of muscle aches and body pains as well. I urge everyone to use these products, because its very efficient.

Taofeek Oduborisha, Nigeria

I bought the ‘HEAT’ balm from you one month back for my husband. He has used it after his soccer game and he was very impressed with the effectiveness of your ‘HEAT’ balm! He has tried many types of muscle rub or cream but usually the effect doesn’t last whereas your Heat balm can last even after the next day.

Karen Goh, Singapore

Nobody likes to get sick while traveling, and this happened to me: I got a terrible cold during my trip to Asia. A friend suggested that I should try Theo10 Natural. I applied it under my nose and it immediately helped me breath! I took some balm back to Europe and since then I always carry it in my bag. I work in an air-conditioned office and Theo10 neutralises the detrimental effect of dry air, both on my nose and on my skin. I would definitely recommend it to a friend!

Anna Teper, Poland

Uzun süredir cilt kuruluğu sorunu yaşıyordum ve zaman zaman çatlaklar oluşuyordu bazı bölgelerde özellikle ellerimde aşırı olduğunu söyleyebilirim. Bu mükemmel ve etkili ürünü günde 2 defa kullanarak gün boyu rahatlık sağlayabilirsiniz, aynı zamanda ürünü kullanırken içeriği sayesinde daha rahat soluduğunuzu farkedeceksiniz. Kullanmaya başlarken kendinizi biraz acayip hissedebilirsiniz ama daha sonra etkili olduğunu görünce alışıyorsunuz. Şimdi ise sivilceler için geliştirilen yeni ürünü bekliyorum %100 naturel olduğu için gönül rahatlığıyla kullanabilirsiniz .Herhangi bir olumsuz etkisini görmedim.

Burak Şavur, Turkey

I have been using Theo10 products for a year. I like Theo10 Skin as it helps treat my rashes and the occasional mosquito bites on my toddler boy. The Theo10 Heat works for my mother as it had reduced her joint pains significantly. My husband like Theo10 Repels (mosquito repellent) as it has a pleasant smell unlike the ones bought from in-store shelf. The ingredients are made from natural derivatives and made in Singapore hence it’s definitely safe to use! Will highly recommend the products for new and repeat users!

Jasmine Tan, Singapore



Mayumi Ohnishi, Japan