Dry Skin - Theo10 l Made-In-Singapore Skincare Products

The skin is the largest organ in the body. It is responsible for the protection of the inner vital organs together with bones. It helps to keep the body cool when hot and provides numerous benefits to the human body. Unfortunately, the protector can also be damaged by external and internal factors. Prolonged exposure to the sun will cause skin damages which in turn may result in skin cancer while the environment may lead to dry skin, which can lead to irritation and scarring, and possible low self-esteem from the damage it has done. Dry skin can also be caused internally, meaning the body might be affected by a disease like psoriasis. Additionally, harsh soaps, itchy clothing and long, hot showers have been found to contribute to dry skin.

Preventing Dry Skin

The key to preventing dry skin is to apply ample moisturizers throughout the day. Theo10 Moisturize help to keep the skin moist while absorbing moisture from the surrounding. It contains organic and natural oils which do not contribute to any long-term harm to the skin. Moisturize also helps Eczema sufferers as it alleviates many of its symptoms. Other alternatives are to stay in air-conditioned room lesser as the air is usually drier in there. Shorter showers at a warm temperature are better while using a gentler and milder soap. During facial wash, emphasis can be made to not use so much as it will strip the skin of natural lipids which keep in moisture. After a shower, moisturizer should also be applied to keep the skin hydrated. Other than itch and wounds that can be caused by dry skin, it can also cause wrinkles as it makes the skin taut. Therefore, moisturizers should be kept with us at all times so we can reapply them as and when we need it.