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Learn the effects of a mosquito bite

Hot and Humid Singapore, perfect for mosquitoes

Let’s be honest, there are no pros of mosquitoes other than them being food for some birds, fishes, frogs and other animals. They are more hindrance, with the buzzing and of course who can forget their bite and the itch that comes after that. Mosquitoes are insects that thrive in hot and humid environments like Singapore. Mosquitoes pick their meal by the scent of carbon dioxide and perspiration.


Mosquitoes have long mouthparts that they use to feed on our blood. While feeding, their saliva is injected into the body which contains proteins that most people are allergic to. Our body reacts by activating our immune system to clot it, resulting in a red bump. It also becomes itchy, in worse cases where our immune systems are impaired, it might result in fever or body aches. Some mosquitoes carry viruses and bacterias which are transmitted to us. In Singapore, Dengue and Malaria are two of the diseases that are commonly spread among mosquitoes. These causes nausea, fever and muscle aches. In worst case scenarios where if left untreated, it might lead to death.


The first way to not get bitten is to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Remove all potential breeding spots like empty containers which hold water. As long as there is no still water, mosquitoes are hard to breed. Frequent oiling of drains can help suffocate mosquito larva. Another way of preventing is to apply mosquito repellant. Theo10 has created Repels, which consists of organic and natural ingredients which help to repel not only mosquitoes but other insects as well. It lasts for up to 4 hours and is wind-proof. The insect repellant is unlike any bug spray in that it does not leave the skin oily or sticky. The essential oils have anti-ageing properties which moisturize and nourishes the skin, making it eligible for most skin types.


Usually, soap and warm water can help alleviate the itch. If unavailable, an ice pack can help numb it until it dissipates or pain relievers can help too. Scratching of the wound is discouraged as it may get infected. In serious cases where there is a severe allergic reaction, a doctor’s diagnosis is recommended to prevent any life-threatening scenarios. Theo10 Skin was formulated for insect bites, burns, and minor cuts. It can be applied to a mosquito bite and helps to soothe it due to the high menthol content which stops the itch. It provides anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling too. An additional advantage is that it is all natural and contains no steroids, thus there are no long-term effects to worry about.