Exercise Related Muscle Aches - Theo10 l Made-In-Singapore Skincare Products

During an exercise, we strain our body as we utilize our muscles. It causes microscopic damage which heals back after a few days, and when it does it is stronger than before. This damage causes some discomfort or pain in our body as we have pushed it beyond its limits. Pain can also be caused by tension or injury where we walk too much or stand too long. Muscle aches and pains are also signs that our bodies are telling us to rest as it recovers.

Muscle Relief

A general consensus among many is to massage the affected areas as it helps loosen tensions. While it might provide some comfort temporarily, it is not always recommended as one might overdo it, resulting in a serious injury. Muscle relaxants can be prescribed to relieve muscle discomforts. It is beneficial for short-term use for most musculoskeletal conditions. Depending on the body constitution, some people are not recommended to use muscle relaxant as it might cause some adverse side effects to the well-being of the body.

An alternative solution is Heat, which Theo10 created. It is a long-lasting muscle rub that deals with acute joint pains, muscle aches and tired shoulders. It uses 100% natural organic ingredients like peppermint which provides immediate relief from the aches and camphor which penetrates the epidermal layer, dilating the blood vessels to promote oxygenated blood flow. This is also suited to headaches, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. An additional benefit is that it is water-resistant due to the beeswax, allowing one to apply before any sports or outdoor activities.