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In sunny Singapore, getting bit or harassed by an insect is perhaps one of the most annoying things that can happen. With a tropical and humid climate, insects are abundant. From houseflies looking for a piece of our food to lay their eggs to feasting mosquitoes, we have had our fair share of waving them away, only for them to come back after a few seconds. In some cases, we are lucky for they only cause us some frantic movements, in dire circumstances, we might be bitten or stung. While some might write off a mosquito bite as minor, in rarer incidents one might contract dengue fever or malaria from some breeds of mosquitoes. Relating to some instances, some people might be allergic to some bites, like a bee for example.

How Our Bodies React To Insect Bites & Stings

When a mosquito draws blood, its saliva is injected into our body. This saliva contains proteins that most of us are allergic too, which leads to our immune system acting up, causing itches and a slight red bump. A bee and wasp sting contains toxins that cause pain when injected which lasts for a few hours. In some cases where people have an insect sting allergy, it might trigger an anaphylactic reaction that may be potentially fatal. An Epipen contains epinephrine which can treat anaphylactic shock.

Deterrence and Solution

At Theo10, Repels was created to repel insect. It counters one of the main problems which is wind. It was created specifically for outdoor use too. Consisting of all-natural organic ingredients, Repels is an effective insect repellent. This particular bug spray first coats the skin with a layer of essential oils that protects the skin against mosquitoes. While most insect repellents leave the skin oily and sticky, Repels counters that due to its unique ingredients which have anti-aging properties that nourish and moisturizes the skin, giving it an additional hydration property that one-ups many other moisturizers.

In addition to Repels, Theo10 has created Skin, which is a first-aid cream that helps alleviate insect bites. Other additional properties are that it helps with minor cuts and skin infections, ulcers, and burns. It is also non-steroidal hence the negative long-term effects of steroids are not applicable. Itchiness caused by insect bites are stopped immediately by the high menthol content of the cream. It also provides anti-inflammatory properties that assist in swelling. This high menthol content which is from the peppermint oil also helps with nasal congestions. An additional property is the natural beeswax which has water-resistant properties. This forms a layer that retains moisture while hydrolyzing our skin. If discomfort persists, Theo10 recommends seeking the doctor’s advice for a solution.