Key Pointers for a Workout - Theo10 l Made-In-Singapore Skincare Products

A workout has become an important moment of most people’s everyday regime. It could be brisk walking, cycling, gym or any sports. It has many benefits including a healthier body, fat burning, weight reduction and etc. While the benefits are many, there are some drawbacks. As no one human is similar to the next, our body reacts differently to different situation. Some of us after a workout might require longer periods of rest while others can workout up to twice a day. It takes proper conditioning to be aware of the body’s limitations. In some case, if we push too hard, we might end up injuring ourselves. Setting a goal of a max rep for each exercise or a time to complete an activity can help limit injury while strengthening the body.


The most common forms of injury are slight muscle tears, which sometimes happens when we lift weights. Minute tears are fine as they heal quickly and muscle comes back stronger than it first was. The key is to know when is it a normal weightlifting ache or a serious injury has happened. If the pain gets too unbearable, it is wise to stop and take a few days off the workout. If the problem persists, a doctor’s diagnosis is recommended to prevent further injury.


If pain is minimal where it is a slight ache that does not seem to be connected to the workout, a muscle might have been pulled due to the tension. An ice pack can serve as a numbing treatment but it can get quite messy due to the melting and the mess it causes. Theo10 Heat is a muscle rub that was created to relief from tired shoulder, muscle aches and joint pains.The menthol content of the peppermint oil provides fast relief while the camphor works on the muscles to increase recovery rate. Camphor penetrates the epidermal layer which dilates blood vessels to promote oxygenated blood flow to the entire body, resulting in quicker recovery. After application, it is advised to take a few days of rest until at least the pain subsides before resuming the workout again.