New Year Sale - Theo10 l Made-In-Singapore Skincare Products

A Happy New Year to all our readers and customers. Back in December, we ran a storewide promotion. Due to the overwhelming demand, we have decided to extend the promotion till the 8th of January!

Recommended Items

Among our items, we have a few that are requested by many. Our moisturiser and eczema cream are the popular ones in our store. Due to Singapore’s erratic weather, where it is sometimes hot, humid or both with a heavy rain midway through the day, the skin tends to be more sensitive. Additionally with the hot weather, most Singaporeans are working or living in air-conditioned environments, which leads to drier skin.


Theo10® Moisturize is a amalgamation of organically certified essential oils, naturally extracted glycerine and cold pressed oils. Once applied, it works by reducing moisture loss while drawing in moisture from the environment.

The need to moisturize skin is important as dry skins are most prone to wrinkles and lines. In some cases, it can break off and become flaky, leading to skin that looks patchy. With our moisturizer made locally in Singapore, our manufacturing team have created a moisturizer that is suitable for the Singapore climate. We advise to use regularly at any time of the day or when the skin feels dry.


Theo10® Eczema is made for people who are looking for non-steroidal creams for their eczema. Eczema results in inflammation of the skin where it is characterized by a rash, itchiness and red skin. After scratching, it might break the skin, causing discomfort. It is presumed to be caused by environmentally or genetic factors. There are no known cure for it, however one can live with eczema by managing it.

Theo10® Eczema is made using a combination of organic materials and ingredients that helps manage eczema. Menthol is set at a high content to stop the itch, while neem oil helps improve the skin condition due to its anti-bacterial properties. Beeswax ensures that the skin is moisturized due to its water-resistant properties. Propolis helps with the healing of skin after application.

The cream is suitable for anyone aged 6 years and above and the recommended application is 3 times daily. Of course this is best used together with Moisturize to ensure there is minimal outbreak.