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If you all have been wondering what is the best way to use the hand sanitiser, the answer can be found here.

  1. Clear your hands of jewelry & accessories. Take off all rings and other jewelry that may be covering the surfaces of your hands. If possible, rinse and remove all traces of visible organic matter such as dirt, grease, and food in order for the hand sanitizer to be most effective.
  2. Pump the hand sanitizer into the palm of one hand. There’s no need to be generous with the amount of sanitizer applied. At minimum, you just need to use an amount that is about the size of SG 10-cent coin.
  3. Rub your hands together gently. Be sure to cover the surfaces of both of your hands, including fingers and around your finger tips and nails. You should also rub in the sanitizer about 2 inches (0.051 m) up each wrist. Let your hands dry off. After about 30 seconds of rubbing, your skin should have absorbed the sanitizer. If your hands are still a little wet, face your palms downward and let them dry in the air until they are no longer wet.

    When to use: Use hand sanitizer periodically throughout the day. Certain activities or settings can pose more of a risk for the spread of infections or illnesses if you have come into contact with animals, people and even food. Keep in mind where you are, who you have been in contact with and what you have been touching. Using sanitizer periodically during the day can help reduce the chance of getting sick.

As you start to receive our moisturizing hand sanitiser, a simple video is shown here on how much you really need for both your hands. No more than the size of a green bean. For those who have purchased the larger volumes, please please use it sparingly as our products are all concentrates and never need a lot of do the work. As you pump it into your palms, you’ll realise it’s actually a gel. It should not be very watery nor hard and viscous. As you spread, you’ll be happy to know that it is sufficient to cover your palms, fingers and top of the hands. You’ll be greeted with a cooling feel from the high alcohol content to kill the bacteria. After which, you’ll realise that it is somewhat like spreading aloe vera gel. Leave your hands to dry for at least 30 seconds and you’ll realise that it dries up very nicely without leaving you with a sticky feel. While you wait for the 30 seconds of drying effect, you’ll be greeting with a calming scent of orchid and white tea extracts as your palms warmed up the oils. Once dried, you’ll be happy to know that the moisturizing hand sanitiser not only sanitises the applied area, but locks in moisture. This is for those who have sensitive skin where constant exposure to alcohol would inevitably cause your hands to feel dry. Ours won’t 🙂

Posted by Theo10 on Wednesday, 5 February 2020
A simple video is shown here on how much you really need for both your hands. No more than the size of a green bean.