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Theo10® MOISTURIZE (60mL)



Theo10® Moisturize uses a unique combination of organic certified essential oils, cold pressed oils and naturally extracted glycerine. It hydrolyses the skin by reducing moisture loss while drawing and absorbing moisture from the air. Interestingly, the aloe vera we utilize is processed using a patented freeze-dried method- 200 aloe vera fillet is put through a shredder and a milling machine in which they are atomized and dosed with enzymes in a reaction tank. These enzymes break down the cellulose chain to reduce the viscosity and hence finally, spray-dried into a fine, free flowing powder to form 1 gram.


Cold pressed French Jojoba Oil
Thai Virgin Coconut Oil
Italian Chamomile
Grapefruit Seed
Valencia Orange
French Geranium
Madagasar Lyang Lyang
Aloe Barbensis Miller (200x concentrate)
Purified water