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Theo10 REPELS (130ml)


REPELS is an effective ‘wind-proof’ insect repellent specially created for outdoor use. A unique blend of essential and cold pressed oils coats the skin to protect against mosquitoes and ants.




Theo10® REPELS is a revolutionary ‘wind-proof’ insect repellent that is effective against mosquito and ants which is created using only all-natural organic ingredients for outdoor use. It coats your skin with a very fine layer of essential oils that effectively protects your skin against mosquitoes and ants for up to 4 hours. While most other repellents use smell to repel mosquitoes, natural elements outdoors such as wind dissipates smell and drastically reduces the efficacy.

Suitable for:

  • 6 Months Old and Above
  • Repelling Mosquito and ants
  • Up to 4 hours
  • Sensitive skin

Method of Application: Just 3 simple steps – 3S (Shake, Spray, Spread)
Step 1: Shake the bottle
Step 2: Spray on skin
Step 3: Spread out the oil
*Repeat the steps on all exposed skin*
To maximize its effectiveness, spray (15cm away) on all exposed skin and spread gently across the skin. While spraying on the face, use fingers to cover the closed eyes and rub the face gently before opening eyes. Apply every 3 to 4 hours for continued protection. For 6 month old babies, spray from a further distance (20cm away) to prevent over concentration on an area.