Theo10® SQUEAKY-HAND SANITIZER (1000mL) - Theo10 | Made-In-Singapore Skincare Products




Wholly manufactured in Singapore daily, we specially formulate an all-natural moisturizing hand sanitizer to ensure the high alcohol content does not dry the applied area while it is powerful and effective enough in killing germs and viruses.

Theo10® SQUEAKY-HAND SANITIZER has passed the EN 1040:2005 standard for bacterial activity for Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 438 and Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 9027 by demonstrating a log reduction of more than 5 logs and achieved more than 99.99% of microbial reduction.

• Kills beyond 99.99% of germs & bacteria
• Suitable for dry and sensitive skin
• Suitable for all ages
• Helps maintain skin moisture
• Contains vitamins
• Contains no preservatives
• Leaves the user with a mild orchid and white tea scent
• Does not interfere with users’ perfume or cologne.

• Corn Based Ethyl Alcohol (75%)
• Aloe Barbensis Miller (200X Concentrate)
• Witch Hazel (Cold Pressed)
• Vitamin E (Essential Oil)
• Orchid (Essential Oil)
• White Tea Extracts
• Vegetable Glycerine (USP Grade)